Saturday, 5 January 2013

Immediate Silky Smooth hair

So, I saw a new shampoo in the local chemist catalouge, "Clear" and thought it was some random brand and completely dismissed it, till I saw it on TV with Miranda Kerr on the ad?! It was "Australia's New Shampoo".

A couple of weeks later, my mum came back with the Clear Shampoo and I must say, the effects of smooth hair were pretty immediate. I noticed a difference RIGHT after showering and washing my hair. It was much softer and more smooth than my previous shampoo/ conditioner combination. It was SOOOO good, that I had to tell my friend about it, right after I had dried my hair.

This was ONLY using the Clear shampoo. I was using a different branded conditioner that I still had left. A couple of weeks later, I went for a hair cut, and the hairdresser spent most of the time telling me off as I was long overdue for a cut and hence had a hair full of split ends (also a result of perming my hair twice previously).

The hairdresser, however, asked "What conditioner do you use?" I replied with whatever I was using at the time, and she said nothing. From how she was telling me off for not going in for more frequent cuts, I was expecting her to sell me a shampoo/conditioner from the salon, however she didn't. So I'm guessing that it was a positive question. However, she was silent. I wish I had asked or mentioned I had recently started using the Clear shampoo.

I'm currently using both the shampoo and conditioner and it is said to be good for your scalp too. They have one for many different hair types, so I'm using the anti-dandruff shampoo with the Total Care nourishing conditioner.

There have been nights when I've stayed over my friends and used another branded shampoo (Just other supermarket brands) and although my hair is still quite smooth, after coming home and washing my hair with Clear, it is definitely noticeably A LOT softer and smoother.


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