Monday, 16 December 2013

Christmas gift ideas for girls!

How's Christmas shopping coming along? Are you a last minute shopper or are you really organised and have everything you need already?

As we get into the last week, I thought I'd show you guys what I put together as Christmas gifts and just a couple of Christmas gift ideas.

Gift shopping is so stressful - I think I'm almost done! Hurray!

I did some shopping for my mum, originally set out to find a bag, but couldn't find something that I liked and was within my budget so I decided to put some things together. There's a good stocking stuffer as well as some other gifts that would go well under the tree. Though we don't have a tree anymore, I think it's still something that could be nicely wrapped up and given away. And although it isn't one big gift - multiple things mean that I spent time to think and search and each individual item :) So don't fret if you have trouble searching! Also keep reading to the end for some other gift ideas!

Diffuser - aroma co. Fushia and Tigerlily Diffuser - from Portmans

My mum loves anything scented - so I thought a diffuser would be a great. If you're purchasing for someone who does - this could be a great gift to put with something else.

Vue Kimono set of 4 stack cups

This was just so cute and irresistible. Unfortunately we don't stack our cups, but who's to say we can't? Lovely gift if you do and they all look great by themselves too!

 My beautiful book of Sudoku

I know this isn't anything fancy - but my mum loves sudoku at night and on train trips. I'll also admit that the cover of the book helped suck me in =P But nevertheless, I couldn't help but to help add this to her sudoku book collection.

Other gift ideas:

2014 Diary

This one pictured below is from Typo and of course is just one of their many designs - this is actually just the one that I bought because it suits exactly what I need. But another of my favourite places to purchase diaries is Kikki K. They're "weekly cute diary" is just too cute! Link here.

Below are a few gifts I found, but couldn't get my hands on the pictures - so click the links to see the pictures :)

Safe Keeper Box - to keep the small items in your handbag! - link here

Do you like to carry around a big bag? And do you find that you spend AGES trying to find jewellery, headphones and other small, loose items? This might actually be a great stocking stuffer. 

Aroma Co. Candle - 3 different scents; link here  

Just like the diffuser, but in the form of a candle - I need to get myself to a shop and pick one up for my mum!

Mix and Match some PJs:

Owl Boxers from Cotton On - link here Even if Owls aren't for you, click the link to see the variety of prints. They're so cute!

Long PJ pants from Cotton On - link here 

Saturday, 7 December 2013

New, limited edition colours of Revlon Colourburst

One month of haitus later, I'm back! I'm so sorry for the wait guys, I've been so busy :(

I hope you guys are enjoying and busy preparing for the holiday season :)

I was shopping with my friend today and discovered two new colours of the Revlon Colourburst which, without a doubt surprised us.

 From left to right: Provocative, Invite Only
Invite Only

We were, however, quite relieved to know that these shades were very sheer, with a light tint of the colours that you see:

Invite Only


Provocative would make a lovely colour for a white, wintery Christmas party, but might not be popular in Australia. Provocative is actually a lovely colour and I do really wish it was less sheer. It looks like it would be a little lighter than their lollipop if it was not made to be a sheer colour and I think it would have been quite nice. However, I'm not too sure about provocative though.

Let me know your thoughts and if you've tried these!

Sunday, 10 November 2013

How to get to smooth hair

Sorry for the lack of updates! It's right in the middle of my exams right  now and there's also been some family things happening so it's been difficult to update!

When you wash your hair do you apply and wash your conditioner off immediately?

Did you know by applying conditioner and waiting about 3 minutes before washing it off, it'll leave your hair silky smooth? There's an amazing difference!

And in the mean time? Put your hair to the side or wrap it in a bun, clean your hands and go on with your shower routine - washing your face, body etc and just leave rinsing the conditioner off till the end!

Try it and see if you notice the difference! I picked up this trick a few years  ago when I went to America and met one of my cousins' friends who had amazingly smooth hair and asked what she used. She let me in on this secret. I will admit I sometimes forget, but it makes an amazing difference!

Also, I've decided I wouldn't do a monthly favourites since the products I've used are mostly ones I've mentioned before so that wouldn't be really interesting for you guys!

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light Weightlessness Nourishment Shampoo & Conditoner

So this was another one of the samples sent to me a couple of weeks ago. I was pretty glad that both the shampoo and conditioner was sent to me, so I could really try out what it was intended to do, without mixing it up with another brand/type of conditioner/shampoo and mistaking the results.

So the goal of this is for weightless hair. I must say, I did actually feel that this DID give me more weightless feeling hair after using it. I would say it's a great clarifying shampoo - but of course, I have a dry scalp with dandruff, so I can't completely switch. However, if you're someone who tends to use a lot of products throughout the week I think this would be great at the end of the week.

I also stopped using Pantene previously as I felt a lot more hair came off following using their conditioner, and I still felt this was the case with this one - although, a hair dresser has told me that conditioner don't cause hair fall outs. It's just silky so it moves hair that has already fallen out. So.. I'm not too sure what the deal is here.

I would probably still use this at the end of the week, or a big night where I've used quite a bit of product just to clean it all out. Really love this (except for the excess fall out), and if it wasn't for that and the fact that I need an anti-dandruff product, I'd probably use it more often!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream

So as I said in my last post, I requested for this sample to be sent to me (Through a facebook competition) and I've tried it out and compared it to my Piera's BB Cream.

So the Maybelline Website says that this BB Cream has 8 benefits:

- 2% salicylic acid + vitamins
- Conceals imperfections
- Reduces blemishes
- Calms redness
- Oil free, non-greasy
- Minimises pores
- Adjusts to skin tone
- SPF 15

Credits: Product description taken from Maybelline.

It also says that it's for oily-combination skin. My skin is more to the dry side, but it was still a good product to try out. 

I'm not sure that it adjusted to my skin tone. I was sent "Medium-Light" Though, I did find that confusing because the colour was mentioned twice on the packet. Once was "Medium Light" and the second time "Medium". So I wasn't exactly sure what colour I was sent. Regardless, I thought I'd just see what it looked like on. 

It was perhaps a bit light for my face, but I was hoping it would adjust to my skin tone like it states. I checked the mirror in about 20 minutes (in my bathroom - where it was lit with natural sunlight), and it was still quite off. So I continued with my makeup routine (and wore relatively less, as I wanted to see how this would go).

It has a dewy finish and it did reduce the appearance of some pimples I have dying down, though of course, some more concealer is needed. This. I expected for a BB cream though.

About 4 hours later, I checked again and the colour did look much better. Although the SPF was probably wearing off soon and it was time for reapplication.

So.. I'm not too sure about whether I'll purchase this after sampling it. I do have a couple more packets to try. But I thought I would review it because I do like it, but I don't love it. It does a decent job - but perhaps with all the promotion I had my hopes up too high. I don't think the fact that I had dry skin affected it either, however, it might work better if you do have combination-oily skin. As this is what the product is targeted at.

I would say it would probably work better if you are have a lighter skin toned. I would probably classify myself as a light-medium skin tone. But perhaps I would be a more "medium" if I was to purchase this than a "light". I'm still confused to what colour I was sent.. haha.

If you've tried this, let me know your thoughts! Comments are always really appreciated :)

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Samples Galore!

Just a very quick post today!

The postman didn't come yesterday - but I came home to lots of samples today (which I have requested - but I assure you these will not change my views) in my mail box today! Super excited to try them out and I will keep you guys posted!

I have:
  1. Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream - I've been wondering about this!
  2. John Frieda Full Repair Full Boday Shampoo & Conditioner
  3. Pantene Aqua Light Shampoo & Conditioner
Can't wait to try these out :)

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

September Favourites

Is it really October already? Wow, I've been so swamped with uni work - it's crazy! I'm sorry for the lack of posts - I will try to post more!


Seacret body lotion in Vanilla and Coconut. I did a full review here. Ever since re-discovering this, originally re-using it as a handcream in the month I had began reusing it as a body lotion. Yes, the scent has really stopped bothering me!

I am loving it so much, I'm really considering repurchasing another body lotion from the Seacret range - although like I had mentioned it is pricier than what I would normally spend on body lotions. I have a cousin who is coming to visit soon and am just so tempted to ask her to bring it over for me if I do order one. hmm.

Skin Care:

Clinique All about Eyes Eye cream

So this was my eye cream before I switched to Lacura's eye cream, which has worked well for me. I still had some left and one day decided I would pick it up and try finish it off. I totally forgot why I switched. I guess I just didn't think Aldi was bad. I ended up switching between the two throughout the week. Clinique was definitely more moisturising. It was thicker and hydrated more. In terms of dark circles and puffiness - I remember thinking Clinique did a decent job, but I was still bothered and hence I was open to switching. I will now keep comparing the two and keep you guys posted. But now I am tempted to repurchase as I am almost finished with my All about eyes! I am definitely starting to relove it!

Make up:

Loreal Paris Studio Secret's Professional Magic Perfecting Base

This has done wonders! My eyeliner has been smudging and I wasn't sure if it was the eyeliner or because I had oily eyelids (I didn't think my eyelids were oily) but I used this base - which goes on white and adds a little bit of 'pop' to the eye area, so it'd be great under an eyeshadow and there was no smudging on my eyeliner. I'm looking to change my eyeliner after I use it up - because it is shu umera.. haha and it's not terrible (just a little bit of smudging if I don't let it dry).

 I've realised the base keeps the eye liner on for much longer than it usually lasts (when I rub my eye) slightly. Definitely a favourite for this month! - I was actually sent a sample of this by request in a magazine. But it is definitely something I will purchase!

Lancome Absolut Voyage Make up Palette - Rose Edition

Note - this picture is the Blossom edition.
I will do an individual post regarding this palette. My mum picked up this palette in Duty Free on one of her trips a while back and the blush has kicked my Muji's away! One swipe goes a LONG way! It's also a handy little palette with many things on it - but I want to save more comments for when I do my proper post haha. It costs $99.29 (according to Amazon) and comes with: a lip pencil, eye pencil, compact powder, concealer, 6 eye shadows, 2 lip colours, 1 lip gloss, 1 mascara and some make up tools. I will give a full review and product specifications of the Rose edition - which unfortunately I was unable to find. I'm enjoying the palette a lot more, but the blush in particular, and will look into whether I can purchase the blush alone.

Revlon Colour Stay Eye Shadow Quad - Sterling Rose

So this actually hasn't worked well for me as an eyeshadow. However, I've found another use - it works really well as a brow powder!

So I'm really using the last two colours at the moment for my brows - depending on the look I want. I've heard the taupe works well for people with black hair - so I may even give the colour at the top a try too. But at the moment, that can be a base colour for an eyeshadow.

The quad is quite pigmented - what you'd want in an eyeshadow, but also  good for your brows if you're applying with a brush and spreads well too. It was definitely a good discovery!


TRESemme Thermal Heat Protectant Spray

I'm sure you've all heard the rave about this before. I've used this since the bottle was all black but had stopped heat styling my hair for a couple of years and instead permed it twice - which inevitably dried it out. After now cutting it TOO short and needing to straighten it almost everyday, I'm back to being a loyal customer! :)

The nozzle is pretty amazing - you get a good amount of product with just one spray. I've tried other sprays in the past where you have to spray a lot just to get a good amount. With this product, you just move it through the areas which you will use heat because one spray will cover a large area and put a decent amount on. Just spray, spray spray and brush through. And you're ready! It makes getting ready so much faster too.


Ok. So I didn't really try many new things this month in comparison to previous months. However, I am onto a new jar of Clinique Moisture Surge and if you haven't already heard me rave about it, you can read here. It is definitely my holy grail moisturiser - which I generally choose to use at night and under my BB cream (which you can read about in my July Favourites) if I need an extra kick of hydration for daytime.I even purchase the 75mL because I know I will use it all up and just love it so much.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Nail it!

I'm not sure how many of you may be familiar with the clothing store, Sportsgirl. A fashion store that is popular in Australia but ships worldwide. There's been a lot of promotion on their nail products lately - and so I decided to revisit one of my nail polishes I bought from them a while ago. I used guava.

I must say, I am deeply disappointed with the nail polishes and it must be why I haven't used it in a long time. Despite having a LOT of shades, After painting my nails it still leaves the tips white. It costs more than Maybelline Colour Show, which is of much better quality. The variety of colours are quite tempting though, and so if you don't mind so much, you can probably put it on for an event that night because the polish will only last a couple of days before coming off. And during which, the white tips do become more noticeable.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Head and Shoulders Itchy Scalp Care With Eucalyptus Dandruff Shampoo

I requested a sample for this and thought it'd be great to try out since I've been loving the smooth and silky shampoo. Though I think my dandruff has been more controlled, I do still get some itch now and then so I thought, why not?

However, I don't actually think it decreased any itchiness at all. The Eucalyptus smell is nice when you open the bottle, but it doesn't stay on, which might not be a bad thing - might not want to smell like a big eucalyptus ball :p I do think my hair is less smooth in comparison to using the smooth and silky shampoo. As I was only sent the shampoo, I've been using the smooth and silky conditioner with this shampoo. I'm not sure if that may have decreased the effectiveness of the itchy scalp care shampoo, but I don't think I'll be switching - I don't have a major problem with an itchy scalp with controlled dandruff using the smooth and silky shampoo and conditioner combination and I haven't really seen benefits switching to using the Itchy scalp care shampoo at all.

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Seacret Body Lotion

I purchased this product a long time ago - and it's probably a bit pricier than what I'd normally pay for a body lotion. The dead sea has many great benefits and I couldn't help but buy something to try it out. It not only has great benefits for only for your skin, but even for osteoarthritis! So since I can't travel that far, some skin care products will have to do.

I saw a sale on this product online and thought I'd try this out. I used it at home a couple of times, and didn't think much of the cream, because of the smell - honestly thought it smelt like a lighter version of hair removal cream haha. (yes, I'm not gonna lie) Wasn't too fond of the smell. So it was banished to the lotion/cream that I would take out if I went on holidays/stayed out for the night because it was smaller and I wouldn't have to bother repacking my lotion into smaller containers.

Because often those were small trips, I knew it worked as a lotion, but didn't think much of it. Recently, having used up my hand cream at my table. And having gone through Winter - with VERY dry hands. I've just been trying to find something else to use. I do have a hand cream, but I picked this up the other day on my table, and used it as my hand cream. It actually works VERY well as a hand cream - which I must say, MOST body lotions DO NOT. In fact, I have not found another body lotion that does. If I use a body lotion as a hand cream at night, I'll wake up in the morning and my hands are VERY dry and itchy. This one, keeps it moisturised, an it might be a little dry, need a bit of replenishing in the morning.

It claims to "replenish the skin's hydration to it's optimum level and leave the skin relaxed, supple, silky soft and radiant all day" I cannot agree more. Although I must say I'm not too sure about the radiant part. Hydrated, supple and silky soft, definitely!

So I've looked online and the scent I purchased (Vanilla Coconut) is no longer available - which is probably better! Their new scents definitely sound nicer! And it's been so long since I purchased, that they've also changed the packaging! Sorry! :( But I'll link you to their body lotions here. $30 for 200mL or 6.8oz. A bit pricy perhaps, but it is quite good. If you ever see it on special, snap it up! To those in Australia, I actually saw it on Catchoftheday for $10 I think? I can't remember the exact price, but I thought it was a good deal and purchased it. For those overseas, if you have similar discount sites, see if you can keep your eye out! Maybe back then they were getting rid of stock due to the change in packaging? And now, the scent isn't really bothering me, becuase I think the benefits is outweighing it, or maybe I'm just used to it haha. It's definitely a more watered down version of hair removal cream though.. Oh well, at least there's new scents now!

Monday, 2 September 2013

August Favourites


Kose UNKISEI PRIME cleansing oil

So one night, I freaked out. I was removing my BB cream, thought all was good. Had a shower (where I used my cleanser) and when I came out to tone my face - there was still a heck of BB cream on. So. More make up remover.. (Lots more) AND another 2 washes with two cleansers later.. did the trick. Yes, I was constantly monitoring. I wasn't sure what it was. Too much BB cream? Not sure. So.. she suggested I use Kose UNKISEI PRIME cleansing oil. She said she had been using it for a while and it was really good. Honestly, I was really desperate for a solution at that point. The only problem was that it needed to be ordered. But whatever, order me one and anything to prevent this from happening again. My skin at that point with all that cleansing and make up removing was D-R-Y.

Image Source:

I'm going to admit, it wasn't exactly love at first use with this cleanser/make up remover. I felt like using an oil was messy. It just seemed to make my liquid eyeliner run and I still had to grab my cotton buds after my shower and get rid of it. But, I probably didn't use it right, or wasn't used to it. It gets so milky white around my eye area now and looks so clean! I do use a cleanser in the shower afterwards, because it just feels a tad oily if I don't. I have heard that you don't need cleansers because make up remover oils double up as cleaners. But, my friend told me she also follows her make up removal routine with a cleanser. But it's really good to use as an eye make up remover. Really liking it despite the messiness.


Vaseline Intensive Care Total Moisture Dry Skin Lotion

My Nivea Rich Moisturising Lotion ran out, so my mum purchased another in it's place as my family share body lotions in the bathroom. This was actually the second one we got (The first was a total miss). This doesn't have as thick of a consistency as the Nivea Rich Moisturising Lotion, so that is still my preferred one. However, I think does do a pretty good job. So I will make my way through this bottle. I won't keep using the other one however. BUT after this one is finished, I have purchased a double pack of Nivea Rich Moisturising Lotion! Yay!

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

Okay, I didn't know where to put this, but over the drier months for Winter, I've been loving Vaseline. I have a small tub I keep at my table, so when my lips are dry and I'm about to head out - just finished my make up, it's my lip balm. It also works as an alternative to eye gel to hold eyebrows together (did you know that?) :) - just don't dip your fingers in again if you're going to be using it on your lips as well! AND, Because I have dry skin, I've had some REALLY dry areas on my hands/arms. So guess what I used? Yup, that's right. Vaseline. Hydrates really well. One tub, multi-purpose!


Head and Shoulders Smooth and Silky Shampoo and Conditioner (Separate)
So, if you've seen a previous post about hair care, you'd know I love the Clear haircare range. And I didn't think anything was going to change that. Really, nothing probably will. However, I was getting quite an itchy scalp with so much dandruff and although I felt the Clear anti-dandruff shampoo worked, I felt my hair was less soft. So I went back to Head and Shoulders.

Yes, I'm combining both the shampoo and conditioner (separate bottles) and it's leaving my hair really smooth and getting rid of my dandruff! I do still think the Clear shampoo does a better job of leaving it smooth, but this is the price to pay for wanting to have less dandruff I guess! I do miss how Clear shampoo smells, so I might start alternating and see how that goes.


Muji Duo Tone Blush

I'm not sure Muji make this item anymore - I checked on the global website and it's gone :( My friend actually bought this for me from Hong Kong a while ago and I've just been slowly using it and alternating between blushes. But I've found myself constantly reaching for this one. I haven't been able to find any blushes on the Muji website. However, I remember the first time I ever bought a blush from Muji, it was a quadrant and the mix of colours was amazing. You could a colour to highlight or choose one to use a blush to complement your overall makeup and best of all? If you mixed them, it gave an amazing colour. If you ever see a really pretty pink blush quadrant at Muji - PICK IT UP. Unfortunately I don't have Muji in Sydney, so that will only be for when I travel.

Sorry about the glare, the photo didn't show without the glare -.-

Back to this Duo. The softer pink makes a lovely highlighter, though I will admit I prefer the highlighting effects of the YSL or Maybelline Dream Lumi. As for my cheeks - depending on my look, I'll either opt for just the brighter pink or mix the two together. For my everyday makeup, I'll make the two together, it looks your natural look a nice "pop". There's also a really  nice, light shimmer to the colours.

Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Concealer
Another product which I've loved but mentioned previously is the Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Concealer. Yes, I've reached for it more than my YSL Touche Eclat! I am mainly using it for under my eyes however, so for highlighting I would probably using the YSL. I'm currently using Ivory, but I think I'd need to go up a shade when I repurchase. You can read my review where I compare Maybelline Dream Lumi and YSL Touche Eclat here


Okay, something new this month. What hasn't really worked well for me?

Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown

In all honesty, this is the FIRST eyebrow pencil I have used. But I didn't think it worked well while being sharp (when new) and was hard to glide on. I prefer it very blunt to the extent that I am very afraid of sharpening it. It works better, but I wouldn't say it works the best. The brush that it comes with is also quite harsh and has hurt my eye area, particularly if I'm rushing in the mornings. I haven't actually tried to use a brush to brush out the pencil lines, rather just do it slower. But it's something I will try. That being said, I will keep using this until I find a new pencil.. but it just doesn't do it. I don't hate it, but because I have purchased it, I will use it, but wouldn't recommend it.

However, IF you have a drug store/ low end eyebrow pencil to recommend me, please leave it in the comments below! :)

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Health Benefits of caffeine

I'm sure we've heard everywhere that caffeine and well, the drinks that contain it, particularly coffee, actually are good for us. But really, what are the benefits?

Did you know they believe it is suggested to reduce heart disease and is even speculated to reduce Parkinson's disease?! It might even reduce your risk of developing cancer, or decrease the age that your cancer is shown. In conjunction with exercise, a study has shown in mice which were had genetic predispositions to skin cancer, there was more than a whopping 60% reduction in their development of cancer! What?

There are of course some negative effects to drinking caffeine too, including affecting sleep and more problematic issues with high consumption including hallucinations!

But, a cup of caffeine to decrease chances of cancer and increase metabolic rate? The caffeine addict in me says yes please! But of course, the cost-benefits is for you to outweigh!

Articles read: Wikipedia & Healthy Food Guide

Friday, 30 August 2013

Thin Lizzy Concealer

I got this in a glossy box a while back (I've since stopped getting them because I just ended up with sooo many things!) and decided I'd give it a try. I always see ads for Thin Lizzy on TV and hearing the powder can be used 6 ways.

Image Source:

So I was sent the concealer creme in Orient Doll, which was actually the perfect match for me (although that meant I couldn't try out their 6 in one powder unfortunately), however, I thought there was REALLY good coverage. To be honest, I was really amazed with the level of coverage that this has. I would think if you're not after a full/heavy coverage, you might even be able to apply this as your foundation and leave it as that. I put some on my arm for you to see.

It actually has a really nice matte finish too which is definitely a plus for me. The only downside I would say is that the colour is quite and doesn't have the highlighting effect which I have come to love with the concealers I have been using. I also found that it didn't spread as easily on drier areas that other concealers would have.

They come in a large range of shades so you can match it as close to your skin as possible. The website even seems to say it can cover up tattoos!

So Thin Lizzy is actually made in New Zealand - but I'm not sure exactly where it's branched out to in terms of sales. I've had a look on Amazon, but wasn't able to find it there. I know it's definitely for sale in Australia: you can purchase Online or at Big W. And there's a number for queries.

For all you others overseas who might be interested, I'll leave the link for Thin Lizzy Australia 

I have seen it on Ebay too - so if it hasn't branched out to your country or isn't available in your country, you can see if you can find a seller who ships to you. It is really good, if you're after a concealer with amazing coverage and not after highlighting properties.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Moisture Surge Face Spray

So with the dry weather, I've been doubling on moisturisers for day time - on the days where I wake up and feel that my skin needs a pick me up. Or, when I've been exposed to a lot of heater use and my skin could really use some more hydration. I have some Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray from the pack I got in Hong Kong so I thought I'd see how that worked under my BB cream in the morning. It actually works really well. Obviously not as good as if I put on a layer of the Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief Gel, but it provides pretty good hydration - literally almost provides a layer like moisturiser would.

I am also in process of trying out another face spray - But I do think this one the better of the two. It also doesn't have a smell, and hasn't irritated my skin! For those of you going into Fall - this would be great as you move into drier seasons - even just for those pick me up days. Just spray 1-2 on your face, or spray on your hands and pat onto your face. It lasts a really long time.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Daiso Eyelash Curler

So I went on a hunt for a new eyelash curler as my old one wasn't working well. And this is, hands down, the BEST eye lash curler I have ever used. Nevertheless, it is only $2.80 from Daiso. (This may be a surprise for those of you not in Australia, where I've heard it's cheaper) BUT $2.80 for an amazing quality eyelash curler. I'm not going to complain.

Daiso has SO many eyelash curlers, I really didn't know which one to pick - obviously knowing I wasn't going to go back and keep purchasing if I picked one that really didn't work well. But I was really drawn by the packaging. What I didn't notice was this one came with a a spare rubber to replace - score! It's also really tight when you push the curler together - unlike my previous one which really helps curls your lashes. But means you've got to be careful! I have heard Shu Uemura has the best eyelash curler, but it's not something I've been able to try, and quite reluctant to purchase and invest in for now since curling my lashes isn't part of my every day routine. But it seems like, if you're in need of an eyelash curler - you can pop into your nearest Daiso and score a really good deal! Must say, I was quite sceptical of whether it would work and even well at all. But really loving it!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Liebster Award

Thank you so much to Chloe Logan who nominated me for the Liebster Award :) Please check her out, she's a fashion/beauty blogger too! :) -link here- For those of you who don't know, it's a way for bloggers with less than 200 followers to get into the blogging community! :) I thought I might finally do it today since I have a bit of time between catching up with school homework and work later today! :)

The rules:
1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves. 
2. Answer the questions that the tagger set for you plus create 11 questions for the people you’ve tagged to answer.
3. Choose 11 people and link them in your post.
4. Go to their page and tell them.
5. No tag backs

11 things about me:

  1. My favourite colour is purple
  2. I am MESSY but ridiculously cannot stand anything DIRTY - THERE'S A DIFFERENCE!
  3. I really dislike mint, and have to drink lots of water after brushing my teeth
  4. I have a bunk bed which is detachable, although I no longer share a room with my sister
  5. My favourite season for clothing would be Spring BUT, I much prefer the weather of cooler months.
  6. I taught myself to speak mandarin in high school by watching series and listening to music.
  7. I dislike eating hard lollies that you need to suck on haha.
  8. I've tried to die my hair MANY times, but my hair is JET BLACK, and no colour has ever been able to come through. I even tried blonde.. I went to school the next day and my friends asked if I died my hair black! (They were at home-sets, so looks like I may need to go to the salon)
  9. I am a mix-of quite a few Asian backgrounds.
  10. I've learnt to try go to a hair dresser with a photo everytime!
  11. I have over 20 uncles and aunties! (yes, big asian family!) :)
Chloe's Questions:
1. Would you say your more of a bright lip or dark eye kind of girl?

Definitely a bright light - however I do like statement eyes - but not necessary dark.
2. Do you stick to one makeup brand or do you like to mix and match?
 I like to mix and match - however, I do find that some make up brands make quite good products all round! But, I try to find what product I like most and purchase that.
3. If you had to choose, would you rather wear the same makeup for the rest of your life (as in the same products applied every day) or no makeup at all?
Probably same make up for the rest of my life - In Australia, with such strong UV rays, I'd definitely need lots of UV protection, and there'd definitely be days where I'd need makeup!
4. If you could own one expensive piece of makeup, what would you choose?
 Chanel's CC cream! Definitely something I'd want to try, and something I'll be wearing EVERY day.
5. Would you say your one most used beauty product is?
BB Cream
6. Your favourite highstreet/drugstore makeup brand?
7. Favourite moisturiser?
Clinique Moisture Surge :)
8. Do you use a setting spray with your makeup?
I don't actually - it seems to stay on, But i should get some for when I need it for a big event where I'll need lots of make up to last all day
9. Favourite nail polish brand?
Hmm, I don't really have one at the moment =\
10. Do you prefer matte, sheer or creamy lipstick?
11. If you had to recommend one product to me, what would it be and why? 
Pieras BB Cream if you get to get your hands on it - it's sooo amazing! It blends to the colour of your skin and has a much coverage as a foundation. It's the best BB cream I've used yet!

I tag...

Kerry's questions:

1. Do you prefer to shower mornings or nights
2.What is your make-up cleansing/removing routine?
3. How would you describe your sense of style?
4. If every season you buy unlimited shoes, bags or jewellery/accessories, but only two of the others, which would it be and why?
5. What is your favourite make up product at the moment?
6. Do you use fake lashes?
7. What was your first memory of using make up?
8. How light/dramatic is your everyday makeup?
9. Do you prefer fashion or make up?
10. What is a make up item you'd like to try?
11. Do you have a high-ended item (fashion or make-up) that you really want to own, if so, what is it?

I hope you have fun doing this! And please leave a comment when you've done this so I can read it! :) xx

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Lush's Fun Red

A couple of week's ago, I went shopping for my friend's present and decided to wonder into Lush. The gift set actually kept my table smelling soooo good everytime I sat at my desk. I wanted to keep it just to make my room smell nice! haha. I was given a sample of Fun Red and was told that I could use it in my hair or on my skin and it didn't have to be in my bath either!


It smells absolutely gorgeous! It's a really nice, mandarin smell - but not overly citrus-ey. As I've said before, I don't actually like strong, citrus smells. But this is a really nice, smell. That if I walked past someone, you could probably catch a light wiff. I only used it in my hair, but I wouldn't recommend it as shampoo. I did think it made my hair look flat. So I'd probably stick to putting it in my bath, or using it in my body to give it that effect of having that really nice "wiff" when I walk around. It's so nice when I moved my hair and smelt some of it. Because it wasn't strong, it wasn't like I could grab my hair and sniff it either! (ok, now I'm just sounding weird), BUT it smells SO GOOD!

Would I purchase it? Probably not to use as a soap - but perhaps if I was having a bath. It's definitely a nice summery scent. So it would be great for you guys in the Northern Hemisphere before Summer runs out! I also read on the label in store that you could use it on your clothes - SO I might actually try that out and see how that works out for me - really loving the scent! haha.

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

July Favourites

What, It's past half-way through the year ALREADY? This year has flown by so quickly. Soon, it's going to be Christmas again, whaat?!

I love watching and reading about what people have enjoyed using the most throughout the month so I thought I'd do a post about what I have enjoyed too.


Nivea Daily Essentials Refreshing Cleansing Lotion:
It feels really moisturising and works as both a cleanser and make up remover. You can use it on your eye area to get rid of your eye make up (yes it's dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested!) I've just been using this as a cleanser though. I felt it's really helped to restore moisture on my skin once the make up remover left it feeling dried out.


Nivea Rich moisturising Body Lotion:

Another Nivea product, but this mosituriser is amazing. It's quite think but not oily. I have dry skin and this has definitely kept my skin smooth and hydrated throughout the dry Winter!

Image Source:

Avado Shower gel in tangerine:

This product is not only organic, it smells amazing. I've been using this product for a while - I'm actually almost completely out. I have eczma, and usually when it acts up, I switch from a shower gel to a wash which is completely soap free. But I haven't switched whilst using this one and I don't feel this has aggravated it at all. To top things, it smells pretty awesome. It's not an over the top citrus-sey smell (I don't actually like strong citrus smells). So it's definitely a winner for me!
Purchase here

Image Source: Avado Organics

Make up:

Pieras BB Cream: 

Ok, Soooooooo. I bought this when I was in Hong Kong, and tried it when came back to Sydney, I did not like it. It seemed wayyyyy too white for my skin. I had also bought one for my friend, who told me she liked to mix it with another foundation and it worked well for her. I had offered for her to take it, but she said she wanted to keep trying other BB creams in the market, but otherwise if she still didn't find one.. And I thought, MAYBE when Winter comes, my skin will be lighter from less sun exposure (perhaps a silly thought?) Anyway, later, I read this BB cream is supposed to adapt to your skin colour and give a foundation-like finish. Say, what? I didn't think so. Seeing now it IS July, and the tinted moisturiser I was using had run out, I decided to give it another shot. Yes, a tad white. But not too bad. Not something I could put on and rush out the door with though. However, the next day I applied it, I figured I was applying too much. Hence, it was too white. The BB cream seeps out REALLY easily through the tube, so you tend to get a LOT of product out. But if you learn to control it better and only get what you need - you do see it does blend well to your face. I almost feel like this BB cream deserves it's own post. Maybe I will do a review for it. Yes, I LOVE it. Unfortunately, I couldn't find it for sale on Sasa to repurchase, because I would have snapped up another one. I did, however, find it for sale on eBay, so if you guys are interested, here's the link to the listing.


Forever New Jacket: 

I've had a lot of events or rather, just needed to dress business casual for a lot of July, and found myself wearing this jacket OVER and OVER. I bought this jacket from Forever New last year. It's not on the website anymore, but I love it. It dresses up any outfit, with a pair of straight leg jeans if you're going into work in an office, or could be perfect with a dress or skirt, just for everyday.The jacket's at a good length to create that smart-casual look and the pockets are at a really convenient height. It's also been great at keeping me warm on chilly mornings!

So, what were your July favourites? I'd love to know!