Saturday, 31 August 2013

Health Benefits of caffeine

I'm sure we've heard everywhere that caffeine and well, the drinks that contain it, particularly coffee, actually are good for us. But really, what are the benefits?

Did you know they believe it is suggested to reduce heart disease and is even speculated to reduce Parkinson's disease?! It might even reduce your risk of developing cancer, or decrease the age that your cancer is shown. In conjunction with exercise, a study has shown in mice which were had genetic predispositions to skin cancer, there was more than a whopping 60% reduction in their development of cancer! What?

There are of course some negative effects to drinking caffeine too, including affecting sleep and more problematic issues with high consumption including hallucinations!

But, a cup of caffeine to decrease chances of cancer and increase metabolic rate? The caffeine addict in me says yes please! But of course, the cost-benefits is for you to outweigh!

Articles read: Wikipedia & Healthy Food Guide


  1. I'm such a caffeine addict too aha! :) xx