Friday, 30 August 2013

Thin Lizzy Concealer

I got this in a glossy box a while back (I've since stopped getting them because I just ended up with sooo many things!) and decided I'd give it a try. I always see ads for Thin Lizzy on TV and hearing the powder can be used 6 ways.

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So I was sent the concealer creme in Orient Doll, which was actually the perfect match for me (although that meant I couldn't try out their 6 in one powder unfortunately), however, I thought there was REALLY good coverage. To be honest, I was really amazed with the level of coverage that this has. I would think if you're not after a full/heavy coverage, you might even be able to apply this as your foundation and leave it as that. I put some on my arm for you to see.

It actually has a really nice matte finish too which is definitely a plus for me. The only downside I would say is that the colour is quite and doesn't have the highlighting effect which I have come to love with the concealers I have been using. I also found that it didn't spread as easily on drier areas that other concealers would have.

They come in a large range of shades so you can match it as close to your skin as possible. The website even seems to say it can cover up tattoos!

So Thin Lizzy is actually made in New Zealand - but I'm not sure exactly where it's branched out to in terms of sales. I've had a look on Amazon, but wasn't able to find it there. I know it's definitely for sale in Australia: you can purchase Online or at Big W. And there's a number for queries.

For all you others overseas who might be interested, I'll leave the link for Thin Lizzy Australia 

I have seen it on Ebay too - so if it hasn't branched out to your country or isn't available in your country, you can see if you can find a seller who ships to you. It is really good, if you're after a concealer with amazing coverage and not after highlighting properties.

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