Monday, 16 December 2013

Christmas gift ideas for girls!

How's Christmas shopping coming along? Are you a last minute shopper or are you really organised and have everything you need already?

As we get into the last week, I thought I'd show you guys what I put together as Christmas gifts and just a couple of Christmas gift ideas.

Gift shopping is so stressful - I think I'm almost done! Hurray!

I did some shopping for my mum, originally set out to find a bag, but couldn't find something that I liked and was within my budget so I decided to put some things together. There's a good stocking stuffer as well as some other gifts that would go well under the tree. Though we don't have a tree anymore, I think it's still something that could be nicely wrapped up and given away. And although it isn't one big gift - multiple things mean that I spent time to think and search and each individual item :) So don't fret if you have trouble searching! Also keep reading to the end for some other gift ideas!

Diffuser - aroma co. Fushia and Tigerlily Diffuser - from Portmans

My mum loves anything scented - so I thought a diffuser would be a great. If you're purchasing for someone who does - this could be a great gift to put with something else.

Vue Kimono set of 4 stack cups

This was just so cute and irresistible. Unfortunately we don't stack our cups, but who's to say we can't? Lovely gift if you do and they all look great by themselves too!

 My beautiful book of Sudoku

I know this isn't anything fancy - but my mum loves sudoku at night and on train trips. I'll also admit that the cover of the book helped suck me in =P But nevertheless, I couldn't help but to help add this to her sudoku book collection.

Other gift ideas:

2014 Diary

This one pictured below is from Typo and of course is just one of their many designs - this is actually just the one that I bought because it suits exactly what I need. But another of my favourite places to purchase diaries is Kikki K. They're "weekly cute diary" is just too cute! Link here.

Below are a few gifts I found, but couldn't get my hands on the pictures - so click the links to see the pictures :)

Safe Keeper Box - to keep the small items in your handbag! - link here

Do you like to carry around a big bag? And do you find that you spend AGES trying to find jewellery, headphones and other small, loose items? This might actually be a great stocking stuffer. 

Aroma Co. Candle - 3 different scents; link here  

Just like the diffuser, but in the form of a candle - I need to get myself to a shop and pick one up for my mum!

Mix and Match some PJs:

Owl Boxers from Cotton On - link here Even if Owls aren't for you, click the link to see the variety of prints. They're so cute!

Long PJ pants from Cotton On - link here 

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