Saturday, 19 October 2013

Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light Weightlessness Nourishment Shampoo & Conditoner

So this was another one of the samples sent to me a couple of weeks ago. I was pretty glad that both the shampoo and conditioner was sent to me, so I could really try out what it was intended to do, without mixing it up with another brand/type of conditioner/shampoo and mistaking the results.

So the goal of this is for weightless hair. I must say, I did actually feel that this DID give me more weightless feeling hair after using it. I would say it's a great clarifying shampoo - but of course, I have a dry scalp with dandruff, so I can't completely switch. However, if you're someone who tends to use a lot of products throughout the week I think this would be great at the end of the week.

I also stopped using Pantene previously as I felt a lot more hair came off following using their conditioner, and I still felt this was the case with this one - although, a hair dresser has told me that conditioner don't cause hair fall outs. It's just silky so it moves hair that has already fallen out. So.. I'm not too sure what the deal is here.

I would probably still use this at the end of the week, or a big night where I've used quite a bit of product just to clean it all out. Really love this (except for the excess fall out), and if it wasn't for that and the fact that I need an anti-dandruff product, I'd probably use it more often!

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