Tuesday, 1 October 2013

September Favourites

Is it really October already? Wow, I've been so swamped with uni work - it's crazy! I'm sorry for the lack of posts - I will try to post more!


Seacret body lotion in Vanilla and Coconut. I did a full review here. Ever since re-discovering this, originally re-using it as a handcream in the month I had began reusing it as a body lotion. Yes, the scent has really stopped bothering me!

I am loving it so much, I'm really considering repurchasing another body lotion from the Seacret range - although like I had mentioned it is pricier than what I would normally spend on body lotions. I have a cousin who is coming to visit soon and am just so tempted to ask her to bring it over for me if I do order one. hmm.

Skin Care:

Clinique All about Eyes Eye cream

So this was my eye cream before I switched to Lacura's eye cream, which has worked well for me. I still had some left and one day decided I would pick it up and try finish it off. I totally forgot why I switched. I guess I just didn't think Aldi was bad. I ended up switching between the two throughout the week. Clinique was definitely more moisturising. It was thicker and hydrated more. In terms of dark circles and puffiness - I remember thinking Clinique did a decent job, but I was still bothered and hence I was open to switching. I will now keep comparing the two and keep you guys posted. But now I am tempted to repurchase as I am almost finished with my All about eyes! I am definitely starting to relove it!

Make up:

Loreal Paris Studio Secret's Professional Magic Perfecting Base

This has done wonders! My eyeliner has been smudging and I wasn't sure if it was the eyeliner or because I had oily eyelids (I didn't think my eyelids were oily) but I used this base - which goes on white and adds a little bit of 'pop' to the eye area, so it'd be great under an eyeshadow and there was no smudging on my eyeliner. I'm looking to change my eyeliner after I use it up - because it is shu umera.. haha and it's not terrible (just a little bit of smudging if I don't let it dry).

 I've realised the base keeps the eye liner on for much longer than it usually lasts (when I rub my eye) slightly. Definitely a favourite for this month! - I was actually sent a sample of this by request in a magazine. But it is definitely something I will purchase!

Lancome Absolut Voyage Make up Palette - Rose Edition

Note - this picture is the Blossom edition.
I will do an individual post regarding this palette. My mum picked up this palette in Duty Free on one of her trips a while back and the blush has kicked my Muji's away! One swipe goes a LONG way! It's also a handy little palette with many things on it - but I want to save more comments for when I do my proper post haha. It costs $99.29 (according to Amazon) and comes with: a lip pencil, eye pencil, compact powder, concealer, 6 eye shadows, 2 lip colours, 1 lip gloss, 1 mascara and some make up tools. I will give a full review and product specifications of the Rose edition - which unfortunately I was unable to find. I'm enjoying the palette a lot more, but the blush in particular, and will look into whether I can purchase the blush alone.

Revlon Colour Stay Eye Shadow Quad - Sterling Rose

So this actually hasn't worked well for me as an eyeshadow. However, I've found another use - it works really well as a brow powder!

So I'm really using the last two colours at the moment for my brows - depending on the look I want. I've heard the taupe works well for people with black hair - so I may even give the colour at the top a try too. But at the moment, that can be a base colour for an eyeshadow.

The quad is quite pigmented - what you'd want in an eyeshadow, but also  good for your brows if you're applying with a brush and spreads well too. It was definitely a good discovery!


TRESemme Thermal Heat Protectant Spray

I'm sure you've all heard the rave about this before. I've used this since the bottle was all black but had stopped heat styling my hair for a couple of years and instead permed it twice - which inevitably dried it out. After now cutting it TOO short and needing to straighten it almost everyday, I'm back to being a loyal customer! :)

The nozzle is pretty amazing - you get a good amount of product with just one spray. I've tried other sprays in the past where you have to spray a lot just to get a good amount. With this product, you just move it through the areas which you will use heat because one spray will cover a large area and put a decent amount on. Just spray, spray spray and brush through. And you're ready! It makes getting ready so much faster too.


Ok. So I didn't really try many new things this month in comparison to previous months. However, I am onto a new jar of Clinique Moisture Surge and if you haven't already heard me rave about it, you can read here. It is definitely my holy grail moisturiser - which I generally choose to use at night and under my BB cream (which you can read about in my July Favourites) if I need an extra kick of hydration for daytime.I even purchase the 75mL because I know I will use it all up and just love it so much.

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