Sunday, 10 November 2013

How to get to smooth hair

Sorry for the lack of updates! It's right in the middle of my exams right  now and there's also been some family things happening so it's been difficult to update!

When you wash your hair do you apply and wash your conditioner off immediately?

Did you know by applying conditioner and waiting about 3 minutes before washing it off, it'll leave your hair silky smooth? There's an amazing difference!

And in the mean time? Put your hair to the side or wrap it in a bun, clean your hands and go on with your shower routine - washing your face, body etc and just leave rinsing the conditioner off till the end!

Try it and see if you notice the difference! I picked up this trick a few years  ago when I went to America and met one of my cousins' friends who had amazingly smooth hair and asked what she used. She let me in on this secret. I will admit I sometimes forget, but it makes an amazing difference!

Also, I've decided I wouldn't do a monthly favourites since the products I've used are mostly ones I've mentioned before so that wouldn't be really interesting for you guys!

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