Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Mariah Carey Liquid Sand OPI

Over the weekend, I was gifted my first OPI nail polish set: Mariah Carey's Liquid Sand. Which girl doesn't love nail polish? :) Thank you to my friend for this belated birthday present!

I was instantly drawn to this set which was obviously glittery and had what I felt, were staple colours. A royal blue, a dark, but bright purple, bright red and a dark shade with red glitter. When I sat down to decide which colour to apply, I was instantly drawn to "Stay the Night" which is the dark shade with red glitter. The packaging describes this as a matt black shade with "red glints".

Although the package recommended 2 coats of colour, I felt I needed an extra layer just to cover everything. But what I LOVED about these small O.P.I polishes was the size of the brushes. I have very small fingers and thus, nails. And the brushes were perfect and created (I swear) minimal mess. I have a LOT of mess after polishing, or rely a lot on Vaseline. But looks like now, I'll be looking into these gift sets more! More of an incentive to paint my nails with the other 3 polishes soon ;)

But I must say, as much as I absolutely adore this colour, I am disappointed with the lasting power. It recommends a base coat only and no top coat, but the next day, the polish had already begun to chip. This seems a little different to O.P.I polishes I've tried previously.

I am very impressed with the colours of this new gift set released over the 2013 holiday season, but I will be trying out the other colours to check the staying power.

If you've tried this set, let me know your thoughts!

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