Saturday, 15 February 2014

Valentines Day Outfit

Sorry for this belated post! I took these photos and even did a make up look before Valentines' Day, hoping to have it up as a date-look inspiration. But I got caught up with work and other things! :( So I decided I would leave out the make up for the post and show the outfit I put together. I was pretty excited as I had just received the belt the morning I put together this outfit for this post.

Blue Maxi Dress from Supré

This is a halter neck dress that you tie up at the back, allowing you to alter the length. This means it's also a little revealing, making it a perfect elegant and chic dress for a night time date.

Nude belt from eBay:

This nude belt has a gold buckle which went perfectly with the shoes. The gold buckle made the belt look elegant, adding to to the chic maxi dress.

To complete the outfit, I wore my gold, leather Oroton flats

These are my absolutely favourite shoes at the moment. They're so comfortable! I would have preferred to wear some platforms, but I don't own a pair of nice, nude pairs. And with the dreary weather that day, I didn't want to wear heels.

How did you spend your Valentines' Day? What did you wear?

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