Monday, 29 July 2013

Back to School!

So I believe a lot of you would be heading back to school soon. Today, was my first day back to university after my Winter break, and boy was it hard to get into routine. It was predicted to rain, so I dressed in a warm outfit, but instead, was a warm winter's day. I just thought I'd share my first day back to "school" outfit, although for most of you who are also going back to school, you'd probably be in nice, thin Summery clothes!

Overall outfit:

  • white knit from Chicabooti with a black flower-like pattern - I'm LOVING this knit, it's so soft and comfortable. I've definitely been living in it since I bought it in the end of financial year sales!
  • Blue Knitted Cardigan from Hong Kong
  • Sass and Bide Navy Straight Leg Denim Jeans
  • Black/Grey circle scarf from Just Jeans - picked this up a couple of years ago on a holiday and I'm stilllll loving it :)
  • White Verali Flats with gold studs.

When do you guys go back, would love to know when and what you guys are wore if you've already started like me :)


  1. I love those shoes! So cute!

    Sarah xx

  2. Those flats are SO lovely! Just read your July Favorites post, can't wait to write one this weekend ;)