Tuesday, 2 July 2013

New Eye Cream!

Been a while since a post, it's already the middle of winter!

I've discovered an item that's become staple to my night routine and have found overall, my skin seems to be smoother this winter! It's perfect for the dry Sydney weather. I even found to prefer it over my previous eye gel.

It is... the Lacura  Fine Balance Eye Gel. It's the Aldi branded skin care range, and costs a mere $5. I was using the Clinique Moisture Surge Eye Gel previously, and thought it was hydrating, but runny. My only complaint, is that as I'm putting it on, it will start to dry and have a sticky texture, which will prevent further application, so you've definitely got to make sure you've got enough on your finger and apply quickly.

On top of this, I'm using the Clinique Mositure Surge Extended Thirst Relief Gel. It's proving to be my all time favourite, and seems perfect for all seasons. I'm going through my third jar and still loving it!

 Lacura Eye Gel  $5 for 15mL from Aldi

Clinique Moisture Surge

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