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The key to looking great is not just in our skin care and beauty routine, but also through our diet. I've recently spoken to a dietitian, and noticed how important it was to know about milk and it's alternatives.

We all know that milk helps keeping our bones strong and healthy, but, what other benefits does it have?

According to Fitday, nutrients in the skin help our skin glow and we can achieve this by simply drinking a few glasses a day. It also contains amino acids and lactic acid to help keep our skin moisturised and nice and smooth.

Fitday also states that studies have shown women who drink low-fat or skim milk have shown to lose more weight than those who exclude milk from their diet altogether, whaaat? Guess it is just that filling, making it great as an entrĂ©e to start filling you up, or great to have with a snack.

But what if, you can't drink cow's milk for certain reasons? Where do we get these benefits from?

Soy Milk:

Soy milk naturally has no calcium in it, but does not contain any cholesterol either (contrary to cow's milk). Soy milk tends to have quite a bit of protein in it. Make sure you do pick a milk that does have added calcium in it though, or you might not get enough benefits!

Almond Milk:

Almond milk has fats that are healthy for your heart and is low in saturated fat and hence, kilojules. However, it may not contain as much protein as required (usually not as much as soy milk either!). But do check for the added sweeteners and if any, calcium has been added!

 Rice Milk:

Rice milk is naturally really sweet, so it doesn't tend to have any added sweeteners. It is quite low in fats, but protein also. If this is your choice of milk, make sure you do pick one that has added calcium.

According to Choice Online, the best subsitute for milk is soy milk with added calcium (to about the same as cow's milk - so check the packaging!).

What do I drink?

I love my soy milk - except in my coffees & teas. Then, I definitely go back to my cows milk. But after all this research, I think I'll definitely make sure I get at least one glass a day to help my skin glow.

But remember, milk with caffeine doesn't count! ;)

What do you drink?
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