Sunday, 28 July 2013

Plum Paradise

I was out with my friends last week when I stumbled across a Maybelline sale, and picked up this gorgeous colour: Plum Paradise in Maybelline's Color Show Range. It does take about 3 coats to get a nice, strong colour, however. But I must say, it's absolutely gorgeous. Definitely perfect for Winter (Sorry to you guys who are lucky enough to be enjoying Summer!)

It is also my first nail polish from Maybelline's Color Show line, and I must say, apart from having to put on another layer before I achieve the shade I like, it's doing well :) I checked out their shades online and they have an amazing range of colours - link here - I think it's satisfied my craving for nail polishes for now and would say the colours/shine are comparable to China glaze, which is what I've been recently using - although China glaze hasn't been holding up for very long for me. So I'll be interested to see how long this holds up :)

Here's an instagrammed pic of my nails, it really only brightened the picture as the lighting wasn't great, but amazon picture does quite accurately show the nail colour too (if you can't tell there). I really need to get better at taking pictures! =P

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